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Allowing AIDS to be as it IS

My mind was afraid of everything. It conjured up hell within peaceful and safe places. 

I realized horrors beyond the imagination believing my twisted mind.

Believe you are in hell, and you are. Believe you are safe in the moment, and you are.

So simple.

Too simple...

Also, believe nothing, and you still exist.

I used to think AIDS was hell, until I eased from life crashing over and over and over again.

I observed over decades, watching it unravel into the present moment.  

I was experiencing the present moment just as it is. 

This moment is new and will never occur again.

Now I see that suffering has opened up deep compassion and an empathy I never dreamed I would know. I see it has shown me self-love, nurturing, tending, accepting, loving kindness and forgiveness.

Our power is in healing together.  

As I grew and gained experience of trauma after trauma after trauma, these experiences became a mad house of mirrors in my mind.

I was ranting lost in a world of make believe.

This was Sesame Street gone wrong!

So eventually one shatters and  collapses and slows down and realizes there is one true image in the maze of mental mirrors. 

One image. 

One awareness. 

One Good. 

One GOD.  

One source.  

One all-pervading love, and in, and AS that love there is no AIDS, no lables, no dis-ease.

There is only the eternal present experience to tend to and love.

I love you.

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