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The benefits of Smoothies from an AIDS Survivor.

Throughout my dis-ease and life journey I have utilzed fresh organic drinks to help my body cope.  I know intuitively, that the lighter alive foods assist me in realizing more life and healing.

This is one such example:

A shot of wheat grass

A tablespoon of avacado oil

3 large carrots

2 bananas

I scoop of chia seeds

A teaspoon of cinnamon

A squeeze of raw honey

A cup of blue berries

aloe vera, water, and juice base.

Always look for oranic and also experiment with food grade essential oils. 

Having experienced and rebounded from full blown AIDS, Cancers, numerous pneumonias, and even an opportunistic brain infection that rendered me imobile from a massive stroke, I know and trust that these vital and highly nutrient dense drinks have helped me remain in my body.

There is more love to give and fun to be had.

I implore you to have fun with this!

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