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Opening to the Present Moment (location irrelevant).

Okay, an insight to ponder is why do I only feel peace and calm in nature, out of cities or towns? We could also say in isolation.

What is the underlying pointer here to realize?

I want to expound on triggers at more depth by introducing lables.

I realize I am talking to mySELF.

The mind exists in an world of created lables. A manegerie of make believe.

We don't need lables to exist.  

Obvious, right?

The mind is comfortable attempting to organize and categorize everything, which we know is impossible.  

This incessant lableing takes energy and a story to support the lable, in addition a taxing illusory maze to traverse.

Things just are.

This knowing that defining is not required to simply be, petrified my mind.

We don't need the mind to BE.

So, when we experience a new space, nature, the unknown,

no mind is involved.  

We are still.

We are in awe.

Thoughtless awe.

Heart open and agape.

We are experiencing from the naked, present moment.

What I learned is that this, presence may be experienced anywhere, it's just the labeling that obscures the present moment.

I can be in a busy, bustling area, letting it be, not defining or reacting, but feeling through my heart and less thoughts stick to my mind.


There is great benefit to being alone at times, I'm not denying this. It's healthy to do so 

We then delve deeper into the mystery.

But my point is among the movie of life, we can be at peace.

Available in the present moment

Responding instead of reacting.

This way location ceases to be defined by the mind and the present moment opens.

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