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Insights into the stroke/brain injury Richard Schooping experienced.

A Stroke or similar is a powerful experience to know ourselves.

To deepen.

To surrender.

It is an expansion.

A chaotic kaleidoscope.

A poem of love.

It is change.

It is soul growth.


It is a gift or a curse depending on our belief.

It is an opportunity to know more than what we currently know at the time.

It is a metamorphosis.

It is a shock!

It is out of the blue.

It is unplanned.

It is bliss.

It is void.

It is bigger than our current story line.

It must be met with self love and compassion to know the pearl of the experience.

To realize victory. 

Peace of mind is victory.

This multifaceted experience is an amazing insight into the depth and resilience of the soul.  

Our perception of the stroke creates

our relationship with it.

The importance of our mental story throughout the journey is paramount to realize.

We can be a victim or on a hero's journey.

If we judge and spiral emotionally it's not good or bad.  It is energy doing what it does. Let it be as it is.

Practice over and over reminding yourself you are more.

You are love.

You are power.

You are able.

You are space

It is always our choice.

Do we react in fear or respond in fearlessness and awe as we discover more about love?

We discover the truth that all matter changes except the still point of presence.  

The heart of peace.

Do we find new self confidence and tools on our journey?

Do we discover grattitude carrying the stone?  

I say yes!

It is possible.

I am living proof we can ride it out.

We allow the experience to unfold freely unteathered.

Assisting by letting it be and doing our self work similultaneously.

A giant leap in understanding was to not to own the stroke, to realize it just a story contained in the space of my awareness.

Give the journey back to creation, your higher power, to God, so to speak.  

Don't worry.

The mystery will navigate.

Don't dwell on the past.

Keep living now.

There is nothing to own but the insights and wisdom gained.

Peace is eternal as soul. 


all reflections bloom in love.

☀️ Richard Schooping

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