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Letting it go NOW

I have been resting in my heart and discovering deep imaginations.

A huge one is that instead of realizing all the beings I've experienced, teachers, Adyashanti when he was having small gatherings, Nick, bentinho, mooji many years ago, Shinto priests, strange teachers from india etc.

Blah blah blah I mention this if you can relate. I needed the mystique and hero's journey. It was too simple for my mind to accept.

Wow. So fucking stupid. We're simply showing me who I always am.

My insecurities and confusion twisted up the experiences into I'm not there yet, not good enough, not enlightened enough to just be Richard. What B.S. We are home. We only fell into the idea of a mind. Also having Greek Orthodox priest as younger brother.. this crap I let affect me. No more!!!! 💟🤡🤣 

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