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Love your teeth

Take care of your teeth friends. Ok, I had such a deeply rooted fear about losing some damaged teeth. When I was 24, I was told I would be dead within a year from AIDS. They started me on insanely powerful and toxic drugs to save me. I slipped into a descending spiral so deep into confusion and shock that I was lost. The fear that was implanted was so, so many layers. I have had Cancers, pneumonias, awakenings, etc.. a stroke, a nerve infection that rendered my useless. No movement, sense of self, all of it. And even after all of this I was still afraid to address some dead teeth in my mouth that died in my 20's. Incredible. Through practicing awareness, mantra, self love, today I am able to experience this without past story. The point is I NOW walked through the fear, and removed some dead teeth and am treating others from a space of being. Beyond the beyond. No body. No thing. No story. Only responding to the moment. The bleeding, the pain, all good as it is. Treating today, not the fears. What a shift! I have had 2 extractions in the past few days and more work to do and I don't care. I don't need to know why.

I respond instead of react.

It is what it is. The weight and relief is immeasurable. Incredible.. I am so light, amped, "healing like a teenager" per Dentist, and barely needing sleep. I had no idea how that fear, emotions and more had rooted so deep in my imagination, into my bones. Funny it was in the roots of my teeth. Fascinating this all IS. Self love.... 🌄🎶💖 

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