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Awesome new song "Somehow Awake".

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

We started and ended this song with the primordial sound: Om.

For this sound is the beginning and ending, and everything in between what we call life. They are all the same motion, complete. Once this primordial sound is defined, then possessed as thought, one is no longer silent, but lost in the definitions of what it means to live and die.


' means one awakens in the dream, and sees life and death are the source of each other. Literally, one cannot exist without the other, making them one. Once one sees this they are awake. Awake to see, and be exactly who they were born to be. No longer living the expectations of others. We become one with creation itself, and there is stillness. An eternal stillness.

Somehow Awake

Richard Schooping

Robert Sidebottom

Stepping out of the dream

I didn't lose my mind

I simply gave it back

Back to from which it came

There is no blame

No blame at all

As I step into the flame

That's burned since my birth

For you will find nothing

But you will see everything

In this burning eyes of freedom

That no longer recognize

Now I am free

Only now can I be free

To live in stillness

The stillness within this illness

So I say goodbye

Until the next sunrise

There;s nothing left to say

A wild child now set free

free to find his place

to shout out loud

not caring who hears

not caring who hears

at all

at all


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