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Everything we do is not only for us, but to give the gift of compassion back

We started collaborating and have had great success. We recently became monetized on YouTube thanks to our wonderful subscribers, and listeners. For this we are eternally grateful to everyone involved. And that's our vision. To interact with our followers. We offer no judgment, but appreciate the interaction of those who see what's happening in our world. Those who feel deeply that something is wrong in the way we live. In our common experience.

All of our songs, our designs, and books, have one common theme...To leave this world better than how it was found. For us, this is the true purpose of life. To reverse the exploitive nature of humanity, and bring it back to the simplicity we were all given. To do our part to ease the pain and suffering of the world, and all its inhabitants. This is our mission.

We want you to experientially know that you know you're not alone.

Although we are all biologically diverse for purposes of adaptation, we all share the same breath, the same pulse.

We hope you will join us to further our vision, and your own. We are so grateful to our subscribers. Eternally grateful. Please participate in the shared vision.

Thank you,

Rich and Rob


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