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New, provacative podcast: (Flowing with We Are Overlap), streaming Fridays at 3:00 pm est.

This podcast will discuss music, the fringe, our songs and more. We are just a couple of dudes enjoying ourselves. We are here to entertain and enlighten.

Richard Schooping and Robert Sidebottom are starting a podcast (Flowing) 2/25 at 3:00pm. We will be discussing our songs, their underlying meaning and the philosophy behind every song we write.

Each song is a chapter in an eternal book and what it means to be alive.

This show will be leading and freeing you to a completely authentic life without remorse.

We will also be discussing our books and any other subject the listeners/watchers wish to discuss.

This is a very casual show, there is no judgment. Feel free to join us. We look forward to your participation as it is an interactive podcast.



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