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This new song Fractured by We Are Overlap is about how we live in a fractured world of definitions

This song is about how we live in a fractured world of definitions. The truth is it is our minds that are fractured. Taught to be one thing while observing another. This creates an internal struggle between the thinker and the thought. One must see there is no thinker separate from the thought, for what are you without a thought? Try to explain yourself to yourself without any thoughts you've been taught throughout life.

Impossible, so what remains?

Simple sensory observation.


No reason to cry

No reason to die

Just the laughter that comes after

The lightning and the thunder that shakes the ground

And smiles while passing by

Living in the silent sky of blue once more

Until it returns from the shadows and the Suns

Always just for fun

Underneath my bed

Lightning in my head

Lightning flashing all around

And monsters that are always found

In too many thoughts

Too much thinking


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