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We Are Overlap : Song #81 - Moonshine Before Noontime

Moonshine Before Noontime

This song is about just being alive. 

No matter how bad things get in life we are still here. 

And no matter where here is it's a gift to just have been awake. 

Rich and I both know the struggles of life, but here we are doing what we love. 

We create music for those who are willing to hear beneath the surface of words. 

It's just a fun song, but with a much deeper meaning. 

One cannot escape reality, but to see there is no escape is a gift waiting to be opened.

Out of my mind

Out of my mind

Moon shine before noontime

Call me crazy

Name me lazy

I don't care

Out of my mind

Out of my mind

Moonshine before noontime

Make me hazy

Make me lazy

I don’t care

No, I don’t care

Well you have no right to judge

Judge your own creation

Which is your own reflection

‘Cause I am you, and you are me, and we are free

Just another day without days

Holding way less ways without ways

Sitting in the rain and sun

These flowing Lemonade days

These lemonade days

We walked the earth in every direction

Step by step until we ended

We walked the Earth as every creation

Granted wings and we ascended

Just enjoying the flow (up out of our misery)

Without needing to know (all that’s happening)

Dip your toes into me

And set the moment free

Beneath our favorite tree A willow weeps

In the dreams of forgotten sleep

In the dreams of forgotten sleep

Out of this world

Moonshine before noontime

Give me madness

Filled with gladness


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