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We Are Overlap the most amazing new band - 'Open Road' song released to rave reviews.

This new song by we are overlap open road is about the confusion of life. We are free just to be, but we don't know where to go. Taught all the rules of being alive by people who do not know. They simply pretend, and call it human nature. Letting the past live our present which creates a sense of dread we cannot understand. So, flow on the open road and be free to simply be.

This Open Road (A Beautiful Disaster)

I don’t know what to feel as the locusts kill themselves on my windshield

Blowing from wars off in the distance

People and places I’ve never seen

But the desert knew my name

Who was I to blame?

In another game

In a rain of stones that bruised my skin and bones

And the stories of old

Oh, this open road

With nowhere left to go

And nothing more to know

Oh, this open road

As radios dance themselves

Keep me moving forward on this road

White lines blur into one

Begging me to drive faster

Darkness is on the way

Candles burn me home (guide me home)

Everything crumbling,

Another after

Embrace the suffering of a beautiful disaster

Oh, this open road

Where colors bleed in sound

Infinity around

Oh, this open road

Adventures through a glance

With nature in her dance, embracing you

this open road album cover
this open road

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