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We Are Overlap

Welcome to We Are OverLap - We Are OverLap is a duo created by Richard Schooping ( Music, Vocals and visuals) and Robert Sidebottom (Lyrics and arrangements, marketing).

Our songs are about the human condition; love, compassion, harmony, and what it means to simply exist in this world.

We are here to entertain and lift you up.

We are OverLap.

Through tenacity, self love, gratitude and forgiveness I realized more than AIDS, cancer, or even a fully debilitating stroke.

Rob overcame addictions, Jail, Dogma, and depression. We now exist to create and plant seeds of compassion.

Thank you for being a part of the We Are Overlap family.

We Are OverLap - Songs for the New Earth

We Are OverLap - Songs for the New Earth

We Are Overlap the Band - These Silent Dreams of Mine

How 'In An Instant' Music Video Transcends Reality and Takes You on a Thrilling Journey

Experience the captivating 'We Are Overlap' music video that will leave you mesmerized.

We Are Overlap - Maybe #song #lyrics #video

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