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Welcome to We Are OverLap, a musical duo consisting of Rich and Rob.

They create songs that are not only beautiful but also meaningful and penetrative.

Their songs are about being human, including love, compassion, harmony, and exchange.

These songs leave a mark on the listener, shifting deep.

Rich overcame various challenges such as AIDS, cancer, stroke, and depression through faith, gratitude, service, and forgiveness. He is utilizing traditional and alternative practices to maintain a balanced life of service.

Rob was a successful business owner but never felt at home. He survived jail, dogma, depression, and addictions. Rob was always on the outside looking in, trying to find his place in this life. He finally left it all behind and started living his personal journey. It started with poetry, then books, and now lyrics. Living an authentic life became his goal.

Rich and Rob met by chance on Facebook, and something new was born: We Are Overlap. Their goal is to change the world from greed and disconnection to one of compassion and connection.

Every song has a purpose, a meaning beyond the noise that most bands create.

To them, it is not just about the music, but a true purpose.

A purpose to let people see what is possible, and not just what we were taught it means to be alive.

To actually just be exactly what we were born to be.


Richard Schooping and Robert Sidebottom have had interesting lives, and are grateful they met.  In this friendship they have learned they are not alone.  That there are others out there who need someone to point in a new direction.  That is our calling in life.  We have collaborated on two books, one, "The Myth Of Death, Eternal Season," was recently released.  The other is, "The Death Of Time, A Life Without Expectation."  Both are doing well, and we appreciate our followers.  We've also written, and produced 67 songs in the last 10 months that support our books, as the books support our songs.  You can find us on YouTube and Bandcamp, or our site,


We have suffered difficult times in life, but we are no different than the rest.  We've all suffered in our own way.  Some worse than others, but it's all relative based on circumstance.  We are not telling anyone how they should feel, just pointing to a new way of living within the intelligence of compassion.  It is what this world needs.


One must see there is no fragment of creation as non-creation.  It is whole, and we are the manifestation of this intelligence.  The intelligence of creation, as it is compassionate unto itself.  There is nothing external to our pulse, or breath.  It is the pulse, and breath of creation itself.


We are not the answer, but guides to a place that is available to all in the silence of sound.  For what is thought if not the interpretation of sound?  It doesn't mean thought ends, as it is a necessary tool for survival as communication, but it is not a possession.  It is not a separate entity, or soul.  Yes, there is a soul, but it is not an individual possession


Individual Biological Diversity(IBD) is necessary for the whole to adapt, or evolve, and the source of its own eternal motion.  We are the shell of creation.  The carrier of the message of compassion.  Therefore we are the eternity we seek as birth is the source of death, and death the source of birth.  This makes them one awareness.  Death is aware.  It is living, just as we perceive life as living.  It is only in death that the whole is reborn within itself.

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