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Oh, riding the holiday Waves.

These holiday times birth such deep and quaking reflection in my soul and heart that I nearly lose it in each moment.

It is not the best for me to look back, as my journey has been dire and tumultuous and eroding so far.

This time 6 years ago I was gravely ill from a brain infection that attacked my entire brain and rendered me useless.

Seeing the MRI of empty spots in my grey matter still haunts me, and hearing, and learning the word Aphasia.

F#k that!

I'm a warrior.  

I am more!

I made it!

AIDS, a stroke, depression, Cancers, and dying could not take me out!! 


I AM here NOW.

I am love.

I am.

I am one.

I love you.  

Let's party.

Stay grateful, and be kind to yourself.

Richard Schooping

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