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No Finish line, BE

I am grateful my body is continuing to strengthen. Today, it is a way of BEing, loving and stretching and opening this body temple. It is not work Nope, no goals for me anymore, that idea of a "finish- line" really screwed me up! The more I live for now, and not in my mind's idea of how it should, or could be, the more peace, and presence I experience. The mind attempts to distract, and I do get distracted. But I use my practice to remember. I know I am more. We all do, we just live in an age of chaos as we eternally bloom. People often ask how I have come through decades of AIDS, a stroke, death, mystical experience and more. The answer is this: It has been arduous and amazing years of self love, acceptance, Self

 exploration, kirtan, service and a practice of continual forgiveness and grattitude. We are One. We are Warriors! I am a warrior! Though I am just a blip on the radar sharing a heros tale, I do love and honor you. We are of the same cloth. We are vibration. We are spirit. We ARE. 🕉️💓💪 Stay strong and true to you. Sat Nam Amen 

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