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24 Hour Cinema

I have experienced everything as sound, as music, from as far back as I can remember.  I have seen pixels and sound vibration as color all my life.

Also what we call "energy" I see.

Going on Sunday drives all that passed by my eyes was experienced as rythmn and stories.

The spaces in-between houses and trees were rests in the ever-sounding-symphony.  The stream of love.

Each group of trees were a sound dependent on it's thickness and type and clumping.

Telephone poles and power towers were like claps of thunder, or an accenting bass drum.

I would here crescendo and decrecendos, swirling and swelling as songs all the time.

Choirs sang low in constant as the backdrop.

Across bridges, passing people, open spaces, colors, everything in song.

Picket fences were high hats:


I loved to hang my head out of the window as dad drove, especially in the rain.

I was lost and absorbed in the senses.

This creation "24 Hour Cinema" points at how I experenced, and experience reality as music.

All is in vibrational dance.

All is spirit.

All is source.

All is God.

All is love.

All is one.

Richard Schooping

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