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The River of the Giver

This creation is "Undetectable HIV Joy" Stable now. Stronger now. Humbled now. Good lab results. Great vitals! So amazed at what this body can do!

I walked through decades of #AIDS, experienced a massive #stroke, exploded and imploded on my sojourn so far. 51 years old eternal Through self love and accepting the moment as it is, Heart deepening. Learning and unlearning. Not wrestling with the mind. Not trying to fix what was. Just doing my work. My practice of compassion and #self-love.

Loving existence. I'm back up to 146 pounds and balanced. See the doctor again in 4 months. Celebrating everything. Having fun. Loving this. Letting it be. Loving all. Loving God. Loving the good. The river of the giver. No words except we are so amazing. By grace love is here to show that we are more than what we believe we are. Jai Maa! Thank you. Blessings Blown away that we are all here now as one.

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