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Amazing new song that asks the soul: what is my name?

This song is about trying to live up to a name. Whether it's a given sir name, or the name humanity. The only true answer is 'what is my name?' It is the same as asking the question who am I, and why am I here. In the end, the answer is 'I don't know'. If source had no source, which is impossible, as source is the source of itself, why do we seek source? Such a simple question, which is actually the answer. The question is the answer, for I only question because I don't know the answer. In this simple understanding, we can see the birth of evolution.

What is my name? Richard Schooping Robert Sidebottom ________________________________________________________________________

What is my name?

All just words sounds and light

You play with words

The ones you've heard

Clay on a tray

Waiting to be sculptures

Sculptures, yeah

I think to myself

Knowing this flame is really alive

No longer a book on the shelf

No longer a self

An empty slave I don't,

I don't know

I just don't know where the wind goes

Lost in a dream

I forgot to be

As the rain began to fall

And blurred my vision

What could I do?

What would I do?

What is my name?

What is this game?

Nothing's the same

Everything's the same

I stepped on a nail without a need

So I waited to bleed

As you stood naked in a tree

Is this really my life?

Is this my life?

Waiting for stars to take the stage

As a sage walked by me and smiled along his way

There was nothing to say

There was nothing to say

What is my name?

What is this pain?

What is this thing tearing me to the bone?

Always this pain

Always the rain

Melting me in the sunshine

Where does this wind go?

Melting me in the sunshine

Where does this wind go ?

Where does this wind go?

What is my name?


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