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The book, "The Myth Of Death, Eternal Season," by Rob Sidebottom, and Richard Schooping

This book tries to expose the eternal nature of all life.

Rich and Rob spent two years writing this book, and another year writing our songs which are available at the end of the book.

Most of what we wrote came from the insights he and I discussed over the last 6 years. We finally brought it all together in the hopes that at least some will see our message.

Rich survived decades of HIV and AIDS, a Stroke, and deep depression. Rob survived Jail, depression, Dogma, and addictions. These experiences illumined and expanded their experience as a human being. To end the fear of death is the end of one's participation in the fear of society. It doesn't mean one is anti-social. Quite the opposite is true. It is a book of compassion, a message of hope without expectation, for expectation is the birth of psychological trauma. As Rich always says, you just have to flow. Ride the wave until it hits the beach, then returns to its Source.

Although it has been an epic journey, we are happy you are reading these words, and hope you hear our message. Neither Rich, or I, should still be alive, but we are, and thankful we could explain this journey. The lyrics to all of our songs are at the end of the book. The songs support the book, just as the book supports the songs. Throughout the book we discuss Individual Biological Diversity(IBD) which is the intelligence of creation itself and allows for adaptation/evolution. Without this diversity, no adaptation would happen. It's easily demonstrated in the diversity of species. You will notice the repetition of insight throughout the book. This is purposeful. As one perception may be different from another's. One sentence, although meaning the same thing, will not resonate with one while making perfect sense to another. This is, "The Myth of Death, Eternal Season". Why do we say, 'eternal season'? Because each season bleeds into the next making them one movement. Winter does not end spring but is its very foundation. This book only has a few "stories". The rest are notes gathered over the last six years and put into book format.

Thank you, Rich & Rob


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